Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random 10

10 random things.

1. Wow. I'm going to school tomolo after 2 weeks.

2. I've always misspelled Azyyati with Azzyati. Mujo x ASSyati.

3. I've reposition my bed. Looks much better this way. I wish I could throw the extra almari out. Why do I need a 2nd almari since no one is using it now?

4. Hmmm. The memory card stick in the camera seem to corrupt. Maybe it broke? How the hell can a memory card stick broke? It's small and hard.

5. Can I just throw this damn computer out the window? It's slow as hell. There's no virus/spyware/registry corrupted in it. It's just OLD. It's already like, what, 10-12 years? I can't even open Microsoft Office right now for God's sake. I can't even play games in it. I've bought a 1 gig RAM and guess what? Nothing changed. SLOW SLOW SLOW. This damn computer is only useful for downloading torrents and internet. But not useful when it comes to testing your patience.

6. Nok McD.

7. Nok cuci kipas siling, tapi x sapa. Nok wat gano.

8. Bakpo lubang siling dalam jamban masih terbuka?

9. Bakpo komik Shin Chan lamo doh x tubik hok baru? Duk ule bendo tulo jah sokmo.

10. I need to slim down. Jujur ku cakap.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Lamo doh aku x suko selok. Meme dodo (bod-orr) ah.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I think I was high when I made that blog...header...thingy...

Hmmm. Stars. Circles. Spirals. Ugly heart shape. Definitely high.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wow. Ooh Ooh.

My red eye came back yesterday when I decided to go to school. But unfortunately (or fortunately) cikgu Hitler hambat aku suruh balik rumoh. You must have wonder why I call him Hitler. Well, let's just say this it's because of his hair and mustache. Besides, it's not me who created the nickname. My former classmate did it. Walaupun dio nih cikgu disiplin, tapi dio x bekeng pon. He even lent me his handphone so that I could call Papaji to come and pick me up at about 10 a.m.

Haha. Being absent from school for a long time does make me feel a bit...lost in direction. Like I have nothing better to do. Well, other than downloading movies, watching Youtube, eat, sleep, etc. Ughh. For the first time ever, I feel like I'm wasting my time doing nothing important. FIRST TIME. EVER.

Ooh, and starting approximately 2 years ago, I've already wrote about 3 fiction stories. 2 original and 1 fan fiction about Bleach (Damn I love this anime...Aizen is out! The Vaizards are coming! xD). Man, I LURVE to write stories. In fact, this one fiction that I wrote was so long that it contains 25 chapters in it. It could have been a freakin' book if I were to publish it. IF. But I think the storyline is pretty much cliche stuff. Teenage novels, anyone?

Aahhh. One more thing, why do FAKE people exist in this world? I WONDER.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red Eye.

Hmmm. I've got a red eye since Sunday. Been to the doctor (which turn out to be Paih's dad). Quite sad coz I can't go near the kids, to which I'm unable to bully them.

Oh well. This red eye thingy might last a month. I look like a blood-sucking vampire. Half blood-sucking vampire coz I only got it on one eye.

Oh well.

hamster virtual pon jadi laa