Friday, November 6, 2009


Wtf. A 32-inch LCD PLASMA TV downstairs complete with WALL SUPPORT SYSTEM. What the fcukkkkk (misspelling intended).

God. They've ruined my 3 month old comp and they've also ruined the TV. They've ruined everything in this house. They've also ruined the dvd player downstairs, the living room TV for a moment, and the old laptop. I mean, DAMN! I already set my freakin password on the comp so that those hobbits (not the elder 'hobbit') couldn't open the comp when I'm at school so that my precious, new, lovely, new, elegant, new comp will not be destroyed by the hands of those EVIL hermits. But NOOOOOOOO (sarcastic tone) ...I have to remove the password coz their MUM told me that I should PITY them. I wanted to delete Spore that day, but it was TOO late. PITY? PITY? PITYYYY? I'd rather jump over 10 MOUNT EVERESTS if I have to PITY them. Kids these days...they're being SPOILED & MATERIALISTIC. When I was that young, I didn't remember being THAT materialistic.

"Mommy, I want this! Mommy, I want that!"
"No. Cannot. If u want you must get all A's first."
"But I want it now! *Stomp* *Stomp* *Stomp* *Cry* *Cry* *Cry*"

To say the least, BULLSHITZZ.

HOW ABOUT FIXING MY COMP FIRST, WHICH I DIDN'T RUIN IT, INSTEAD OF BUYING A DAMN BIG PLASMA TV FOR THEM TO PLAY THE PS2 ON? I HAVE TO WAIT FOR WINDOWS 7? WINDOWS FREAKIN 7? It just CAME OUT on the STATES, let alone waiting for it to hit the Malaysian market. I'll have to wait for ages if they intended to buy the pirated version. The comp's getting dusty, and I'm getting impatient.



hamster virtual pon jadi laa