Thursday, December 30, 2010

designer house. haha not really.

Oooh I just love Sims 3. Not actually playing it for real, but I love making houses and furnishing them my way. It feels like being an architect AND an interior designer. 2 in 1. I've made 3 designer houses so far, but this one is the best. And to my surprise, the design was really...just...spontaneous. I never looked at any houses, buildings, etc. for the design. It just comes naturally. (ada bakat la tu. *wink wink*)

Okay, maybe it's ugly in other peoples' eyes, but for me it took about 4 hours making this. Godere, seniorina, signore. (Ooooh I love Italian, it's the language of love.)

I wanna put more pictures, but I'm too lazy. Again, godere.


i didn't know you were such a good liar. good enough to convince me that you actually mean what you said back then. good enough to make go gaga over you when you said those delicate, deceiving words to me.


yupp, right now, at this very moment, i dislike you. not hate, but not favourable. just go somewhere else. far far away from here. TCHH.

hamster virtual pon jadi laa