Monday, June 29, 2009

5 Facts About Being a Midget

Notice: This midget I'm referring to is ANONYMOUS.

1. A midget currently doesn't know what a TORRENT (yes, those millions of torrents that we've found on the net that includes movies, songs, games, blah blah blah) is. This midget that I knew said that she once installed BitComet, which is a torrent client used to download torrents, but doesn't know HOW to use it. Shocking.

2. A midget also has a (quite) bad sense of style. Everytime we went out to buy food or drugs or some simple stuff nearby (her sense of style when going to shopping malls is in fact normal), she always wear this 'oufit' that always consists of seluar tido, t-shirt, hoodie and tudung belit2 tuh. Not embarassing enough? Imagine that the pants are red, the t-shirt is green, the hoodie is brown and the tudung is...multicoloured. Sometimes, I'm the one that feels embarassed by this certain midget's actions. She just acts as if nothing is wrong with her so-called outfit. *sigh*.

3. She likes to sing in the car with her mouth wide open. Maybe with some little groovy moves along with it. I can clearly see that other drives were looking at her strangely. Again, I feel embarrassed by her actions. To avoid any quarelling, I just close my eyes and my ears (and make sure that I'll never ever have to confront these drivers again).

4. Moreover, a midget can't seem to make wise decisions by herself. I don't think I have to explain this. Nuff said.

5. This midget thinks that Ong Bak (yes, that awesome action film with no fake CGI actions) and this one film that we saw while eating ikan bakar at a restaurant last week called District B13/Banlieue 13 (French action film, similar to Ong Bak, which is super awesome) SUCKS ASS. Contrast to what I like, she thinks that these movies just....suck. I love action movies. Plus, that french movie has parkour stunts which I like since I'm 12, I think.

Ahh, it sucks being a midget coz a midget doesn't know what a torrent is, has bad sense of style, embarassing acts, unable to make wise decisions and doesn't like super action films.

That's all for today. Arigatou.

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