Saturday, November 22, 2008

Darn it.

I almost eat half of the lasagna today. And that's!

Living in this house (my sis's house) is quite...fattening. Every morning (well, I woke up at 12 everyday...ok, maybe 'Every afternoon') after I took my bath, the first place I'm heading to is the...KITCHEN. Well, after staying up late surfing on the net OR playing Xbox (Fable 2!! I love my villagers), my tummy does growl a bit. A teenie weenie bit.

I splurged on almost everything in this house. From jambu to pancakes, from roti to chocolates...It's food paradise. But if I keep continuing this type of eating habit, I'll be like Adam's mummy and daddy in a short period of time. Meanwhile, in my house in KB, it's a complete opposite. I always starve there. Eventhough there's ample of food, but I always rely on eating nasik.

Afternoon = Nasik. Nasik + Lauk sedap = Kenyang sepanjang hari.

But there's one thing. The bibik cooks in the afternoon. And her


There's a benefit from her awful cooking. It saves me from eating too much. And stay in shape.


Alexi said...

muahahahah...gemuk laa mung epah.hahahaha

♡b4bY lov3♡ said...

wuhuit!!! ipah lem!!
mg tulun2 la aku akt blog aku dehz!!
aku nok mg tukar layout..
aku xsey..
mg cari hok putih tapi comey..
t aku bg password..
use my email..

as cun said...

mung ngutuk aku nga nazri dihh.....!!!

make lasagna tok ingat gapo, aku kejut tengok lasagna mu habis make banyok tuh!

KOHO gemok la mung pahni...

hamster virtual pon jadi laa